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And I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Most of the animals don’t look “happy” in any way. I’m not sure how I would know, but even the frolicking of the lemurs seemed more stir crazy than anything else. The spaces just seemed too small, especially for one of the rhinos who was rolling a barrel around with his hornless (do they cut these things off or was he a poacher victim?) nose. It just seemed depressing.

We got to the gorillas almost last. And while it was amazing to see them so close, their faces are so human that the sadness really shows. Their eyes are just too much. Maybe they are perfectly content. Maybe because of the foggy SF weather there was just a mood over the whole place. Maybe I was mistaking the pride and dominance of the silverback as sadness over the tiny size of his territory, his minions sitting in plastic tubs like mental patients, the general ennui of the rest of them… I guess I should reserve judgement until I know more.

Here are some photos:

And here are some more from the gorillas. They really affected me…